Gold Crest Motel Social Wall

Look at these Specials for July 2021!

 Suites w/ Kitchenette 1st and 2nd Floors

July 5th-9th 2021 – 4 Nights Normally $1140.00 This 4 Night Special Only $950.00

Check Out Friday AM

July 5th-11th 2021 – 6 Nights Normally $1690.00 This 6 Night Special Only $1460.00

Check Out Sunday AM

July 5th-12th 2021 – 7 Nights Normally $1880.00 This 7 Night Special Only $1150.00

Check Out Monday AM

Wildwood Events!

If you have an event that you want to attend in the South Jersey area
please call us!
We want to Partner with Event Co-Ordinators to help
and to provide safe lodging for as many of your attendees that want to be
closer to the Event.

Please let us know in advance the size of your expected group and we will
work with you to provide un-published rates for your event staff and attendees.